Better Balance

Stand upright for a moment and take stock in how your body aligns itself while vertical. Can you determine if one foot or one leg is supporting more weight than the other? Are you leaning in any direction without meaning to? Balance is a divine physical attribute that all people are naturally born with. It is easy, however, to develop habits that can inhibit balance, causing discomfort or worse.

Balance is one of those unconscious body functions, like breathing, that deeply impacts the rest of our lives. Maintaining healthy balance employs all parts of the body while relieving chronic pain and promoting good posture. It also means more than standing up straight. Healthy balance habits can positively impact comfort while sitting or lying, too—and while running, walking, or reading.

In these classes, movement expert, Donna Wood, will explore multiple theories in refining the balance of students, including Feldenkrais and yoga, leaving them with valuable lessons to use in the future.

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