Expressions: A Somatic Learning Series

Bi-Weekly Art & Movement Class

  • Every-other-Sunday Morning
  • 9:00am to 10:30am
  • Conducted via Zoom
  • $40.00 / Lesson

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Sunday, September 20th – Drawing & Painting
  • Sunday, October 4th – Dancing
  • Sunday, October 18th – Singing & Music
  • Sunday, November 1st – Theatre

Expressions students explore their creativity through the genius of movement. Coursework involves equal parts motion, consideration, and artistic application. With each individual lesson dealing with a style of art or related theme, students gain a deeper knowledge of how their mind, body, and creative tools work together to manifest what first lies in their imaginations.

Creativity is commonly tied to lowered stress and anxiety. The somatic forms of education covered in these workshops are known for the same, in addition to sharpening focus and balancing mood, while aiding flexibility, strength, balance, blood flow, comfort, and ease of movement.

Expressions classes can be purchased and attended à la carte; no prior coursework or artistic ability is required. Simple art materials may be needed; these will be listed in affected class/event descriptions. All students are welcome.

Donna Wood’s practice, Feldenkrais San Diego, is rooted in her more than twenty-five years of immersion in the Feldenkrais Method®, Aikido, and Capoeira. Her experience as a sculptor, dancer, and musician informs her work in a way that illuminates human movement as an art form.

[ All Feldenkrais San Diego coursework is available in English and Español ]