Feldenkrais and Aging

As our golden generations start to creep upward in age, it’s important to for them to listen to their bodies to learn what areas need to be addressed over time.

Common chronic problems are found in hips, knees, backs, shoulders, and basically anywhere else that bends. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Soreness or injury problems that arise as a result of a hardworking or especially active or strenuous lifestyle should be worn as a badge of honor, just like addressing them should be a kind of reward for that very hard work.

Too often, seniors turn to surgery as a solution. Although it may be the most rational decision in terms of physical repair, sometimes advanced age can slow the healing process and complicate recovery after surgery.

With Feldenkrais and other non-invasive therapies offered at Feldenkrais San Diego, students of advanced age can progress toward increased comfort at their own pace, avoiding the sharp pain and complicated care of undergoing an operation.

The very nature of surgery is meant to address one area. Another benefit of Feldenkrais, yoga, and the other natural schools of motion taught at Feldenkrais San Diego, lies in their ability to bring the body together, to identify collaborators within it, and encourage moving parts to “work as a team” to attain best results.

Donna Wood welcomes students of all ages to explore their changing bodies, whether it’s to address pain, increase range of motion, or any of the other benefits of her work, seniors are greeted with a smile and open door.

Students of advanced age are invited to enjoy the benefits of all coursework, but may benefit from these classes especially:

Awareness Through Movement

Functional Integration

Ukemi – The Art of Falling

Powerful Posture