Feldenkrais and Children

It may appear, on the surface, that many of these focus-based movement principles are reserved for wise adults and sage-like seniors capable of consciously grasping their benefits and intricacies. The truth is, anyone can learn. And, anyone can learn to practice and benefit from the Feldenkrais Method and other schools taught here at Feldenkrais San Diego. From the creaks and cracks of getting older to the clumsy try-and-error of childhood- balance, strength, grace, and every other benefit of mindful movement can be enjoyed at absolutely any age.

The Feldenkrais Method might not be at the top of the list of things-to-do-with-kids, but its teachings and other movement techniques are beneficial to any tot. Babies are, quite literally, learning to move their bodies for the first time. Falling is a huge part of any child’s life. And, the awkwardness of puberty can be escaped by no child. Just as kids start a period of their lives where everything gets more difficult, things like walking, sitting, and standing gracefully, or, not ungracefully, become challenges just the same. To be young.

Luckily, children are natural sponges to technique and repetition. Structured or guided movement lessons can greatly improve a child’s balance and stability, encourage self-confidence, and help to correct upon poor posture habits that could be lead to injury later in life.

Lessons in Ukemi and Feldenkrais are specifically designed to help distribute weight and avoid injury when hitting the pavement, as kids inevitably do. Classes in Judo and Aikido provide a fascinating martial arts environment while leaving young students with useful defense techniques and valuable self-awareness. Even while enjoying the intended safety benefits, classes are casual and fun. Students won’t know they’re students at all!

Families and small groups of children are invited to enjoy the benefits of all coursework, but may benefit from these classes especially:

Mindful Movement for Families

– Aikido with Donna Wood

– Ukemi – The Art of Falling

– Feldenkrais & Judo Principles