Feldenkrais and Dance

Dance represents the finest movement our bodies are capable of. More than just a performance, its performance art—with our intricate and intelligent bodies as the feature act. Refined control of one’s body parts is critical for serious dancers. More than that, elegance and grace must be conveyed in every movement. The connection between brain and body must be unsullied in every way, with focus remaining sharp and consistent throughout a performance.

In these ways, Feldenkrais is an obvious companion to dance of all kinds. Feldenkrais and related movement coursework help students to become conscious of the connections within themselves, opening opportunities for improvement in both the mental and physical elements of practice and performance.

Dancers of any age and skill level can enjoy the benefits of movement coursework, but may benefit from these classes especially:

Feldenkrais for Athletes and Dancers

Better Ballance

Powerful Posture

– Ukemi – The Art of Falling