Feldenkrais and Golf

Golf, maybe more so than other sports, is a game played in one’s mind. The contrast between the small white ball and minute movements that steer it, and the vast acres that the game is played on, provides for a uniquely challenging, and sometimes frustrating, mode of athletic leisure.

The average golf swing lasts about one second. That’s short enough to make the movements associated with it almost completely subconscious in nature. This is where golf’s connection to the Feldenkrais Method and other mindful movement techniques is clear. Classwork promotes the fluidity, balance, and strength necessary to conquer the physical aspects of the game. The expanded mental connection between body and mind helps to sharpen focus, level-headedness, and awareness for the more cerebral aspects of the game.

Another parallel in the two lies in their openness to all interested participants. Both golf and Feldenkrais can be practiced, mastered, and provide benefit to students both young and old, with any level of experience or athletic prowess.

Movement coursework offered at Feldenkrais San Diego that can help golfers in particular are:

– Functional Integration (FI)

Feldenkrais and Yoga

– Feldenkrais and Judo Principles

– Powerful Posture