Feldenkrais and Meditation

The basis upon which The Feldenkrais Method is practiced is dependant on a connection forged between mind and body that allows for freedom and growth. The same can be said for meditation, another branch of Feldenkrais San Diego practitioner, Donna Wood’s, expertise.

Feldenkrais and Meditation classes include a blended lesson of both principles, resulting in a varied meditation environment. Students may experiment in positions and orientations in an exploration of basic meditative breathing and thinking practices.

This class is great for inquisitive beginners—those who may believe they’re too active of body or mind for traditional meditation, guided or at home. Coursework could also pique the interest of those with more experience, providing a change-of-pace in application and action.

Schedule a class: (619) 787-6257 or Donna@FeldenkraisSD.com