Mindful Movement for Families

Donna is happy to teach families and other close-knit groups the fun side to movement, self-awareness, balance, and posture in these specialty classes. Children and parents will interact, learn, and of course, move in these enlightening sessions held either at the Feldenkrais San Diego studio or at a location of the group’s choosing.

Classes benefit children of all ages and levels of physical maturity. This is demonstrated in the usefulness of movement and responsiveness training with newborns, as well as with sports teams and athletes.

Mindful movement has just as much to do with the mind as it does the body. Classes can be calming and introspective, providing significant advantages for children living with ADHD, Autism, or behavioral issues.


Schedule a class: (619) 787-6257 or Donna@FeldenkraisSD.com

For more information: The Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America