Feldenkrais for Athletes and Dancers

*Please Note*
All specialty classes, both one-on-ones and group lessons, are now offered by request in either an in-person or digital formal. Donna is prepared to deliver safe in-person classes and/or informative virtual lessons to students however they’re most comfortable. This slight change in our scheduling process has come as a result of ongoing public health concerns and developing guidelines.

It’s no secret that the Feldenkrais Method is a tool for increasing flexibility, balance, and general ease of movement. After all, Moshé Feldenkrais himself developed the practice with great consideration of his experience in Judo. The connection to dancers and athletes is apparent in that both groups of people rely on all three of these elements, and more, to perform physical tasks and movement combinations that most people can only imagine.

This level of physical fitness is not one reached by leveraging only one training method or even a few. All high-performance athletes use a variety of treatments, techniques, and frankly, superstitions, to get their body and mind ready for the field or floor. Each mind and body is different.

While stretching and strength training garner the spotlight in terms of athletic preparation, the benefits provided by Feldenkrais and other somatic bodywork can have as big an impact on an athlete’s performance, or state of mind, than more strenuous or celebrated techniques. Feldenkrais coursework puts a focus on the subtleties of movement and perception. These subtle changes in strength, balance, range of motion can represent all the difference in the field of play.

Donna is pleased to offer a new weekly class focusing on these students in particular. While class structure will be steered toward athletes, movements and ideas in these classes may apply to active bodies of any age and skill level.