Feldenkrais and Judo Principles

The development of the Feldenkrais Method was influenced and inspired by Moshé Feldenkrais long-time study and love of Judo.

It is in that spirit that we are happy to offer this new movement class. These lessons will be woven with threads of both the Feldenkrais Method and Judo principles and teach students how deeply and inextricably embedded the two are.

Both teach us how to “Learn how to Learn”, to cultivate awareness, to focus (and unfocus) our attention, and how to use small movement to generate great power. These will also be points of interest in classwork.

Each lesson will begin with small explorations of Feldenkrais and move into larger more dynamic movements inspired by the spiraling martial arts.

Donna is happy to visit for a solo lesson or meet with a small group to multiply the learning. Please contact her directly to schedule a lesson.

Schedule a class: (619) 787-6257 or Donna@FeldenkraisSD.com