Feldenkrais, Athletes, and Sports

The Feldenkrais Method and its teachings stand as the base of all athletic activity when considering that small effortless movements lead to faster more explosive movement, like those of world class athletes.

On this page, we’ll share informative content and share our own, that deals with this connection.



Feldenkrias_Sports.jpgMaking the Hard Easy and The Easy Elegant

Via Todd Hargrove at the Better Movement blog

“This post is inspired by a famous quote by Moshe Feldenkrais. Feldenkrais said that one of the primary goals of his method was to make the impossible possible, the hard easy, and the easy elegant. I’m a big fan of this quote because it reminds me that physical training involves a lot more than just working on maximum efforts. It’s also about making submax efforts easier, more efficient, smoother, less likely to cause fatigue, discomfort or pain. In other words, you need to train the “easy” moves just as much as the hard ones.” Read more.



Extreme Sports Meet Feldenkraisfeldenkrias_extremesports

via Cynthia Allen at Huffington Post

“Terrance McPartland, judo practitioner since 1971 and now a Feldenkrais teacher, makes the case in his article saying, “People do extreme sports for the reliable experience of bodily presence and the possibility of achieving a joyful organizational catharsis. People do the Feldenkrais Method for the same reasons. That’s why it is an extreme sport.”

To bolster his case, I’d like to add six often undiscussed characteristics of the Feldenkrais Method that fit with the extreme athlete’s experience.” Read more.