Feldenkrais, Flexibility, Balance, and Posture

At its very core, The Feldenkrais Method is used to positively impact one’s ability to move with more ease and comfort. Through the variety of lessons and movements, Feldenkrais practitioners like Donna Wood aim to accomplish this by working with students’ own flexibility, balance, and posture to create better habits.

On this page, we’ll share useful information from the web, as well as share original content dealing with how The Feldenkrais Method impacts these areas of one’s self.


Feldenkrais and Sittingfeldenkrias_sitting

“Lessons From Feldenkrais, Part 2: Dynamic Sitting” via The Epoch Times

“We generally think of sitting as a static activity, and recently popular research has highlighted the potential harms of sitting, telling us that it could literally take years off our lives. If this is indeed true, it would be wise to learn to sit in a way that is better for us.

Moshe Feldenkrais considered good posture to be a dynamic action. He defined this dynamism as the ability to move in any direction without hesitation or preparation. Such an understanding evolved from his martial arts background as well as his understanding of physics.” Read more.