Move to Improve: A Somatic Immersion Series

Recurring Mindfulness Immersion Workshop

  • Every Saturday Morning
  • 10:00am to 11:30am PST
  • Conducted via Zoom
  • $150.00 / 4-Lesson Package or $40.00 / Each

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Saturday, September 19th – Mindful Mornings
  • Saturday, September 26th – Embracing Challenge
  • Saturday, October 3rd – Moving with Kids & Pets
  • Saturday, October 10th – Nightly Relaxation Routine

Move to Improve immersion lessons bring it all together, Feldenkrais, meditation, martial arts, breathing techniques, strength, posture, and so much more. In thematic four-lesson blocks, these advanced workshops delve further into the nuance of movement and mindfulness which connects us to the world.

This four-lesson block follows “A Day in the Life”, from awakening one’s body and mind in the morning to tuning out for a restful sleep, Donna will guide students through methods and movements to unlock a more comfortable existence.

Move to Improve immersion lessons are usually conducted standing or lying on the floor, although a chair or pad may, at times, be necessary. Reservation and participation in full lesson blocks is encouraged as related subject matter will be covered across all four lessons. Some experience with mindfulness techniques is beneficial for first-time students.

Donna Wood’s practice, Feldenkrais San Diego, is rooted in her more than twenty-five years of immersion in the Feldenkrais Method®, Aikido, and Capoeira. Her experience as a sculptor, dancer, and musician informs her work in a way that illuminates human movement as an art form.

[ All Feldenkrais San Diego coursework is available in English and Español ]