Movement & Me: A Somatic Learning Series

Bi-Weekly Specialty Movement Class

  • Every-other-Sunday Morning
  • 9:00am to 10:30am PST
  • Conducted via Zoom
  • $40.00 / Lesson

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Sunday, September 27th – Balanced Aging (Elderly)
  • Sunday, October 11th – Baby on the Move (Parents of Babies)
  • Sunday, October 25th – Growing into Grace (Parents of Young Kids)
  • Sunday, November 8th – Move to Improve (Working Adults)

Movement & Me lessons are tailored to specific groups of people to explore what moves them through the world. Each class is custom-built to educate, exercise, and refine the movements and postures associated with that group’s common function through somatic learning techniques.

Students discover their connected selves with simple poses and progressions that weave together mindfulness practices like Feldenkais, meditation, breathing techniques, martial arts, and yoga. Throughout the lesson, students gain a deeper knowledge of how their body works together while moving and at rest, all while promoting focus, calm, and centeredness.

Movement and Me classes can be purchased and attended à la carte; no prior coursework or athletic ability is required. All students are welcome.
Donna Wood’s practice, Feldenkrais San Diego, is rooted in her more than twenty-five years of immersion in the Feldenkrais Method®, Aikido, and Capoeira. Her experience as a sculptor, dancer, and musician informs her work in a way that illuminates human movement as an art form.

[ All Feldenkrais San Diego coursework is available in English and Español ]