Powerful Posture

*Please Note*
All specialty classes, both one-on-ones and group lessons, are now offered by request in either an in-person or digital formal. Donna is prepared to deliver safe in-person classes and/or informative virtual lessons to students however they’re most comfortable. This slight change in our scheduling process has come as a result of ongoing public health concerns and developing guidelines.

Those of us working in an office setting are at a higher risk of developing harmful posture habits and suffering chronic pain as a result. It’s with this in mind that Donna Wood has developed the Powerful Posture workshop.

Conducted on-site, the workshop takes form in either a group setting or on an individual basis. Group sessions are perfect for team building, stress relief, and positive habit reinforcement.

Alternatively, individuals greatly benefit from personal posture consultation at their desk and in their unique workspace. It’s not always easy to be conscious of our own posture. The harmful habits some of us develop over the years aren’t the fault of anyone or any one thing. They are a side effect of a life on-the-go, a routine of productivity and concentration. Donna hopes to help students build a positive ergonomic routine, one that can significantly impact their comfort and stress.

The details of each workshop are tailored to each specific group. Proper posture habits can benefit people from all walks of life, whether their typical day of work is done seated, standing, on-the-move, or with sustained exertion.

Proper posture habits can benefit students in many ways, both physical and mental:

  • Relieves tension, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety
  • Fosters productivity and creativity
  • Facilitates healthy blood flow