Ukemi – The Art of Falling

*Please Note*
All specialty classes, both one-on-ones and group lessons, are now offered by request in either an in-person or digital formal. Donna is prepared to deliver safe in-person classes and/or informative virtual lessons to students however they’re most comfortable. This slight change in our scheduling process has come as a result of ongoing public health concerns and developing guidelines.

Ukemi, the art of falling, is a skill anyone can learn. Directly translated, it means “receiving body or self.” Schedule a lesson with Feldenkrais San Diego to begin learning how to manage body weight, of yourself and others, in a safe and sustainable way.

Coursework will blend Donna’s extensive experience in both the Feldenkrais Method and Aikido to create a uniquely impactful and dynamic lesson.

While Ukemi is closely related to the martial arts of Judo of Aikido, learning to fall isn’t just for those in competition or training. From wobbly babies to weary grandparents, everyone falls, and everyone can learn to fall with more grace and balance.

Learning Ukemi helps to reduce impact on knees, wrists, and hips, allowing the body to roll into position with a less violent collision, avoiding injury in both the short and long term.

Becoming more comfortable with the movements of falling allows students to move with more confidence and balance. Lessons are meant as both proactive measure for those at risk of falling, and a preventative measure, to form healthy habits for people of all ages.

Ukemi lessons can be especially helpful for:

  • Actors
  • Elderly
  • Athletes and coaches
  • Assisted living attendants
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Fitness professionals
  • Kids
  • Babysitters

Donna is happy to visit for a solo lesson or meet with a small group to multiply the learning, online or in-person. Please contact her directly to schedule a lesson