Feldenkrais San Diego Audio Lessons

Busy schedules sometimes make it hard to find dedicated time for mindfulness practices like Feldenkrais. A person’s level of physical or social comfort may also come into play. For these reasons, and more, it’s nice to have the option to practice at home. Below, you’ll find the Genius of Movement introductory audio lesson package available for purchase, as well as twenty-four complimentary audio ATM lessons listed on our Youtube channel.

All audio lessons were recorded in the Feldenkrais San Diego studio in Mission Hills San Diego. Donna Wood has applied her expertise in both San Diego and Baja Mexico for more than twenty years, working with groups and individuals from all walks of life. Donna is also an accomplished sculptor, dancer, and martial artist— with the fluidity of human movement acting as the root of her life’s work and passions.

Genius of Movement Audio ATM Series

As we’ve hinted to in the past, a new batch of audio ATM lessons is now available for purchase. A set of 2GB flash drives, pre-loaded with up to three classes, are listed for purchase as of Monday, February 25th. A very limited supply are available. Students may also download lessons directly from our website. As a sign of our appreciation for your patience, all purchases of this trial offering will be processed with FREE SHIPPING.

This particular set of lessons targets the complex interconnectivity of the lower back, hips, and pelvis. Practice of this series may relieve tension and soreness, promote circulation and flexibility, and alleviate chronic pain in the area.

It is recommended that students use a padded mat for all lessons as cushion against the floor. Some classes may call for a head or knee pad. Lessons range from 20 to 40 minutes in length. For best results, practice 1 lesson per day in a quiet place while abstaining from extreme exertion for at least 30 minutes before and afterward.

To order a set of classes, select a product below, or click Shop in the main menu. Local students may, and are encouraged to, pick-up flash drives from Donna in San Diego. These may be brought back to the studio and re-loaded with additional classes later on, at discounted rates. Lessons downloaded online are delivered with slightly lower sound quality due to file size restrictions.


FREE Feldenkrais-at-Home Audio ATM Series

Donna’s original series of audio ATM lessons was a gift to the Feldenkrais online community. Each lesson is uploaded in playlist-form on Youtube and remains absolutely FREE for anyone in the world to practice and enjoy.