Feldenkrais Immersion Series

In Donna’s Feldenkrais Immersion Series, students explore the Feldenkrais Method in a setting wherein they can settle deeply into a state of learning and improvement.

Details for each workshop may vary, but class sizes will always be limited. Please reserve a space with Donna personally to ensure participation.

Workshop XIV – “Hips to Knees”

Saturday – November 3, 2018


Our legs provide the locomotion that moves us throughout life. The joints that facilitate those movements and harness that power are beautifully complex machines. Even the best gear needs to be maintained properly to ensure long lasting quality, and in this case, mobility.

Donna’s next workshop will focus on the hips and knees, how they do their jobs, and how to use them more efficiently. Lessons will help ease overall movement, build patterns that will reduce chronic pain, and alleviate stress or stiffness in affected joints.


Workshop XIII – “Balancing Acts”

Saturday – September 29, 2018


It’s increasingly difficult for us all to maintain balance in our lives, but doing so starts with establishing it for our physical selves. Join Donna for the next installment of her ongoing Feldenkrais Immersion Series, this weekend, exploring balance in interesting and dynamic ways.

Workshop XII – “Face Forward”

Saturday – July 28, 2018


Being the point of expression for all of the complex emotion and thought taking place within us, our face and head are often overlooked parts of our physical wellness routine. We’re quick to moisturize, to protect from UV rays, and to groom ourselves—those are healthy, too, but the facial fitness we’ll cover in this immersion workshop focuses more on the muscular intricacies in our most recognizable body part.

Stress can sometimes feel locked into our forehead and eyes, causing headaches; anxiety can take physical form as jaw tension; long exposure to bright screens can cause fatigue in eye muscles, causing twitching or cramping; and each of these symptoms can be interchanged with the other listed causes and more. What’s inside our heads is wildly complex; what it’s made of and how it works is almost just as intricate.

In this workshop, we will assess energies being carried in our head and work to regulate blood flow to reduce chronic tensions, twitches, and pains experienced from the top of the head down through the neck and shoulders.


Workshop XI – “Intro to Somatic Learning”

Saturday – January 27, 2018


Feldenkrais is as much a mental practice as is it physical. Training one’s mind to properly facilitate somatic learning takes practice, like any other wellness discipline. This afternoon workshop will help students develop calming and centering techniques through a variety of exercises and explanations.

Workshop X – “Freedom of the Neck and Shoulders”

Saturday – November 18, 2017


Our neck and shoulders act as a sturdy pedestal for the complex miracles happening inside our brains. They are home to some of the finest motor movements and sensitivities due to the high volume of nerve endings at the base of the neck. It’s important for many reasons to promote range and ease of motion in this area. Focusing on freedom of the neck and shoulders helps us to enable proper movement of the head, aids in healthy breathing habits, promotes good posture, and can even have a positive impact on throat or voice problems.

In this workshop, Donna will focus on the subtle ways we can move our neck and shoulders with more freedom, and how that can positively impact our moving lives.

 Workshop IX – “Hips Don’t Lie”

Saturday – October 14, 2017


Our hips are the nerve center, literally and figuratively, to our walking and moving selves. They are also a common trouble area for those of us advancing in age or living highly active lifestyles. It’s important to keep them fluid, natural, and happy. Join Donna on the 14th to make sure your hips never lie.

Workshop VIII – “Foundational Feet II”

Saturday – September 9, 2017


When building something, or rebuilding it, we start from the bottom. We build a strong base that can support weight and prevent collapse. We should treat our feet in the same way; be mindful of their aches, be adaptive to their changes, to ensure they can carry the weight of not only our bodies but our moving lives, so we too can avoid collapse.

Join Donna for an interesting Saturday afternoon workshop, adding to lessons taught in last season’s first Foundational Feet immersion.

Workshop VII – “Pelvic Power”

Saturday – July 1, 2017


All of our movement and weight-bearing is connected to or driven by the pelvis through our largest muscles in the back and legs. This is why strained flexibility or chronic pain in the area can make for an uncomfortable problem.

In Donna’s next immersion workshop, students will become more in-tune with their pelvis and it’s power over the rest of their bodies. The lesson will address existing pain as well as provide preventative measures that students can use on their own for years to come.


 Workshop VI – “Falling”

Saturday – April 29, 2017


Donna will combine her experience in Feldenkrais and Aikido to create a fun workshop wherein students will learn to fall with grace and enhanced safety. Lessons are perfect for those of advanced age or with physical limitations, and even for children and babies!

Make it an outing and bring the family out to Mission Hills and to help break-in our new falling pads.


 Workshop V – “Transitions”

Saturday – March 25, 2017


Transitions are a worryingly overlooked part of daily lives. Like most movements, our body provides the most efficient and comfortable way to transition from lying to sitting, sitting to standing, and everything in between.

Explore these transitions and ways to ease the strain on your body when moving from one position to another with Donna Wood in San Diego on the 25th of this month.


 Workshop IV – “Supple Spine”

Saturday – March 11, 2017


In this edition of the Immersion Series, Donna will guide students down their spines to help them feel its omnipotence over the body. Students will challenge their own freedom of movement to find new comfort and ease.


 Workshop III – “Balance”

Part 1. Saturday – February 11, 2017 

Part 2. Saturday -February 25, 2017


This two-part workshop will explore concepts of balance and stability that are at work in each of us every moment of every day. Becoming more in-tune with one’s center of gravity can lead to more effortless movement and reduction of chronic pain.


 Workshop II – “Foundational Feet”

Saturday – January 21, 2017


Our feet are the most important and most overlooked influencer on our overall comfort and ease of movement. This afternoon workshop will focus on our foundation, the feet that move us throughout life.


 Workshop I – “Breath”

Saturday – December 17, 2016


In this afternoon workshop, Donna will explore breath and its sublime impact on one’s physical and mental self. Enjoy the privacy of the Feldenkrais San Diego studio in beautiful Mission Hills on a sunny afternoon of learning and enlightenment.